Who is Richard Trevino?: All to know about  Lee Trevino children

Richard Trevino

Who is Richard Trevino?

Richard Trevino is popularly known as the son of Lee Buck Trevino, a former professional golfer from the United States who is recognized as one of the game’s all-time greats. Trevino finished his career with 29 victories on the PGA Tour and six major titles.

Richard Trevino: Bio Summary

Full nameRichard Trevino
Date of birth November 21, 1962
Age60 years old
Place of birthUnknown
Famous as Lee Trevino’s son
Parent Lee Trevino
Grandparents Juanita Trevino, Joseph Trevino
Great-grandparents Joe Trevino
SiblingsDaniel, Tony, Lesley Ann, Troy, and Olivia.
Net worthUnknown

Biography of  Lee Trevino

Lee Buck Trevino was born into a Mexican-American family on December 1st, 1939 in Garland, Texas. His mother Juanita Trevino and his grave-digging grandfather Joe Trevino raised him. He is regarded as one of the finest players in golf history and was a former professional golfer from the United States.

As a youngster, Trevino occasionally attended school and worked to help the family. From the age of five, he worked in the cotton fields. Trevino started his career in the game after receiving a few golf balls and an old club from his uncle. Then, while sneaking into other country clubs to practice, he began working as a caddie at the Dallas Athletic Club, which was close to his home. He quickly transitioned into a full-time caddy. At 14, Trevino dropped out of school to start working.

He was also permitted to work on his swing because the caddies had three quick holes behind their shack. After work, he would hit at least 300 balls. These practice shots were routinely launched in highly windy conditions and from very little grassy, barren terrain.

It is generally acknowledged that this served as Trevino’s inspiration for developing his very unique, compact, and swing method, which he went on to grow with great success. His signature shot was a very controlled, prominent “fade,” despite the fact that he also had a wide variety of other shot types in his arsenal and is still recognized as one of the best shot makers of all time.

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Richard Trevino was born November 21, 1962, (60 years old).


Richard Trevino is not the only child of her parents, he has five other siblings, named; Lesley Ann Trevino, Tony Lee Trevino, Daniel Lee Trevino, Troy Trevino, and Olivia Leigh Trevino.

Net worth

Richard Trevino’s estimated net worth is unknown. But his father Lee Buck Trevino has an estimated net worth of about $50 million.

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