Gary Player’s wife, Vivienne Verwey dies after a cancer battle

Vivienne Verwey

Who is Vivienne Verwey?

Vivienne Verwey is best known as the wife of three-time Masters champion Gary Player. Vivienne passed away following a battle with pancreatic cancer. Vivienne is the daughter of the formal South Africa PGA champion Jock Verwey. She is the sister of a professional golfer, Bobby Verwey.

Vivienne Verwey: Bio Summary

Full nameVivienne Verwey
Date of birthN/A
Dead August 18, 2021
SpouseGary Player  (m. 1957–2021)
parentJock Verwey
SiblingsBobby Verwey
Children’sJennifer, Marc, Wayne, Michele, Theresa, and Amanda
Net worthUnknown


Vivienne Verwey is the wife of Gary Player, the three-time Masters champion. Vivienne has passed away following a battle with pancreatic cancer. She has kept her actual date of birth from the public eye. She is the sibling of professional golfer Bobby Verwey.

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Vivienne Verwey is the wife of Player. Vivienne and Player fell for each other as teenagers when the future was grand. Mr. Grary proposed marriage to Vivienne when he was only 14, but advised delay until he had enough money to sustain a family. Four years after beginning their careers, the couple got married on January 19, 1957. The couple was blessed with their first child, named Jennifer, who was born in 1959.

The couple became parents to six children in less than six years, who were given the names Jennifer, Marc, Wayne, Michele, Theresa, and Amanda. Along with 22 grandchildren, he also has 2 great-grandchildren. Early in his career, Player would take his wife, six children, their nanny, a tutor, and other family members from tournament to tournament. Cancer caused Vivienne’s death.

The Player Group, which solely represents Player in all of its business operations, including all sponsorships, licensing, merchandising, golf course design, and real estate development, is owned and run by Marc Verwey, the eldest son of Vivienne Verwey.

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What courses Vivienne Player’s death?

Vivienne Player, the First Lady of South African Golf, died on August 18 after a protracted fight with pancreatic cancer, with her family by her bedside and her husband holding his sweetheart. She was married to the best athlete in South Africa, but she was also quite an athlete, having competed in swimming events as a young girl and excelling in the backstroke.

“The unthinkable has occurred. Vivienne, my 64-year-old wife, my childhood sweetheart, my support system, and my soulmate, lost her fight with pancreatic cancer. The profound pain I feel at having lost the one person who has always meant the world to me is something I am unable to adequately express. Since the day I first laid eyes on Vivienne when I was 14, she has been a constant in my life.

While I was around the world playing golf, she raised our six children almost entirely on her own and supported my job wholeheartedly. She was a lovely human being who cared so profoundly for people and lived her life in service to them. She was a loyal wife, a loving mother, a grandmother, and a great-grandmother.

I learned about the importance of love, faith, and trust from Vivienne. She imparted these similar beliefs to our children, who were fortunate to have a mother who upheld them constantly.

I was certain that when we first met that it was love at first sight, and it ended up being a love tale of a lifetime. When we are ultimately back together, I think it will still be the case. I would miss my Viv greatly until then,” Player said.

Net worth

Vivienne’s estimated net worth is unknown. Her husband, Gary Play has an estimated net worth of $250 million.

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