Wayne Player: Gary Player’s son opens up on Augusta National ban after Masters controversy

Wayne Player

What happened to Wayne Player?

Wayne Player was banned from playing in the Masters after appearing to promote a golf ball manufacturer at an event with Lee Elder, the first Black player to ever compete in the illustrious tournament.

Wayne Player: Bio Summary

Full nameWayne Player
Date of birthUnknown
Sex Female
ParentGary Player
GrandparentsMuriel Player, Harry Player
Cousins Kenneth Player, Jessica Player, Amyas Player
Uncles Ian Player
SiblingsJennifer, Marc, Michele, Theresa, and Amanda
Net worthUnkown


Wayne Player was born to the famous family of Gary Player, and Vivienne Verwey. Wayne Player rose to fame as the son of Gary Player, a former professional golfer from South Africa who is regarded as one of the game’s all-time greats.


Wayne Player is not the only child of his parent, he has five other siblings named, Jennifer, Wayne, Michele, Theresa, and Amanda.

Why is Wayne Playeris banned from Masters?

Wayne Player, son of the legendary Gary Player, said he had been permanently disqualified from the Masters for his cheesy ambush marketing ploy. In a statement made while Lee Elder was being honored at the 2021 honorary starting ceremony.

Wayne Player, who was serving as a caddie, was on the first tee for the ceremony alongside Elder, the first African-American to compete in the Masters, and his father, Jack Nicklaus. Wayne Player was standing behind Chairman Fred Ridley as he paid tribute to Elder, bringing out a packet of golf balls bearing the company’s logo.

Due to his failing health, Elder was unable to participate in the ceremony’s custom of hitting a tee shot with Gary Player and Jack Nicklaus. Six months later, in November 2021, he passed away.

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In a new interview with Golf Digest, Wayne Player claims that he was previously banned despite writing a letter of apology to chairman Ridley and Augusta National.

The response from Augusta was described by Wayne Player as “We appreciate you reaching out and apologizing; we accept your remorse, but we are not changing our position; we are not going to allow you back.” A memorable occasion in the development of golf was destroyed by you.

Wayne Player also claimed that he spoke with Elder, who, according to him, had no ill will against him for his antics at such a painful time.

“I have Lee’s phone number.” You know, Lee, I love you guys, so when I phoned you, I mentioned that. You know, everyone claimed that I disrespected Elder at that particular time. I apologized and explained that I didn’t mean to waste his precious time.

He said, “Wayne, you are aware of my affection for you. Right?” He didn’t think about it. People should be aware of that, Player said.

To be perfectly honest, I think it is an interesting tale because Augusta National never officially declared that they would not permit Wayne Player to attend the Masters again. They never once told the media that. That’s just how they operate.

Gary Player received criticism for wearing a Golf Saudi emblem at the ceremony at this year’s Masters competition.

The nine-time major winner, who serves as the Golf Saudi ambassador, defended Phil Mickelson, who withdrew from the competition after endorsing a proposed breakaway Saudi golf league despite calling them “dangerous mother and asserting that they “have a poor record on human rights.”

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Mr. Gary Player, said, “I want to think particularly about Phil Mickelson.” I believe that the time in which we now live is one in which people are crucified because we are such a judgmental, litigious, and critical society.

“Phil Mickelson has been the best public relations specialist on the PGA Tour in the last five or however many years.” He has been the ideal sponsor for professional golf, the general public, and sponsors. He has treated the general public with respect and love.

And he commits the same sin of which every single person in this room is guilty. Everybody has. He then expressed his regret. But if you ask for forgiveness, even the Lord God will pardon your sins.

We all make errors, but he said some awful things. Put your best face forward. You erred; it’s your fault. Everyone errs occasionally. He should continue living his life, too.

Net worth

Marc Player estimated net worth is unknown. However, his father, Gary Player has an estimated net worth of $250 million.

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