Who is Kyra Lashley? Fact about Bobby Lashley’s daughter

Kyra Lashley

Who is Kyra Lashley?

Kyra Lashley is best known as the child of Bobby Lashley, she is Bobby’s firstborn. She currently resides in Denver, Colorado, in the USA. She is of mixed race and American nationality. She practices her Christian religion. Kyra spends her time in a high school in Colorado learning on her own. Bobby is a wrestler and a mixed martial artist; his real name is Franklin Roberto Lashley.

Kyra Lashley: Bio summary

Full nameKyra Lashley
First nameKyra
Last nameLashley
Date of birth2005
Sex Female
Birth CountryUnited States
ProfessionCelebrity Child
Sexual orientationStraight
Famous as Daughter of Bobby Lashley
ParentBobby Lashley
GrandmotherClara Lashley
Father ProfessionWrestler and mixed martial artist
SiblingsNaomi Lashley, Myles Lashley


Kyra Lashley was born to her parent Bobby Lashley in the United States of America. Kyra’s father was her sole caregiver. Young Kyra is thought to be her father’s disciple. It suggests she exercises daily. On the other side, her father instructs her on how to work out. Since Kyra hasn’t shown any signs of pursuing a career as a wrestler, we believe she has no immediate ambitions to do so.

On the other hand, Kyra Lashley prefers to keep quiet whenever the topic of motherhood is brought up. Bobby always prepares and encourages his kids to work hard and frequently exercise as a father. Bobby has now revealed his children as his secret weapon.

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Kyra Lashley is not the only child of her parent, she has two other half-siblings, named; Naomi Lashley and Myles Lashley.

Naomi Lashley is the youngest of Kyra’s two half-siblings. She was born in the year 2011. Naomi’s mother is the ex-fiancee of Kyra’s father. She goes by the name Kristal Marshall. Her younger half-brother, Myles Lashley, was born to Kristal in 2008. It is well known that Myles had a passion for sports as a youngster. Myles’ father Bobby teaches him to become the best athlete in the future as Naomi and Myles are both trained in the gym. They are frequently pictured traveling with their father, and according to Bobby, all three motivate him to become better every day.

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Bio of Kyra Lashley’s father Bobby’s relationship with Lana

The subject that has gotten the most attention on WWE Universe is Bobby and Lana’s bond. These have created two groups of WWE fans. While some crowds supported it, others were against it. Following the couple’s declaration, Bobby encountered a lot of online hostility while the woman also received numerous threats. On the final RAW episode of 2019, their ex-partners and former loves frequently interrupted the conversation regarding their marriage.

The bride and groom exchanged vows, and the ring was exquisitely decorated, but due to continual interruptions, they were unable to consummate their marriage. The celebration cake was then put on Lana’s face. Nevertheless, they shared a scene on the ensuing RAW episode, which aired on January 6. On the other hand, Lana was thrilled to start a new chapter with Bobby.

Kyra Lashley’s father Bobby’s current relationship

Bobby has been spending more time on his WWE career since becoming divorced. It is the most crucial element in his success as a professional. Nevertheless, he was romantically involved with Kristal Marshall in the late 2000s. However, in April 2010, the ex-couple tweeted about their split. Before falling in love with Kristal, he was already involved in another relationship.

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Bobby Lashley was Banned From the Olympics Competition

Bobby was chosen to compete in the 2004 Olympics, but due to a bank robbery, he was unable to do so. He was in a Colorado Springs bank when the crime took place. He was forced to defend himself as a result, and the serious knee injury he sustained precluded him from declining the opportunity.

The feelings that Bobby Lashley has for his sisters

Right away in the chat, Bobby brought up the fact that he is a very privileged man. Bobby admitted to having a lovely family, which he describes as the focal point of his existence, in contrast to some miserable people. The members of Bobby’s family include his mother, father, and three older sisters. Despite his earlier notion that they were not still close, Bobby also said that they are. He recalls that they treated him poorly and with hostility. Furthermore, Bobby talked about how his sister would take him hostage and tie him up for an hour. He further asserts that in this universe, the older sister may bully the younger brother and that his own older sister, Cathy, specifically did this to him.

He remembers Cathy chasing Bobby around back then with a broom. Bobby added that Cathy was the subject of a joke he was making at the time, in which he advised her to leave on a broom. Bobby talked about Jessica, his other sister, and how some people say they have a security blanket. The security towel that belonged to Jessica’s grandmother was also very important to her.

The white towel, he says, got dirty and musty over time and began to smell. When his sister Jessica brought the towel to school one day, some bully boys grabbed it. Bobby asserts that he entered at that time, took it from the man, and gave it back to his sister. Finally, he mentioned that his last sister was closer to his age.

Francis was the young daughter of his father. Bobby recalls playing a prank on her once. Just below his left eye, Bobby also had a scar on his face. He stated that when he sees the scar, it serves as a reminder not to taunt or irritate his sister Francis. Bobby was aware of the fact that his life had been interesting up until this moment.

What is Kyra Lashley’s net worth?

Kyra Lashley estimated net worth is unknown, but her father Bobby Lashley has an estimated net worth of about $4 million

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