Who is Katia Aveiro,Cristiano Ronaldo’s sister? Age, bio, siblings

Katia Aveiro

Who is Katia Aveiro?

Katia Aveiro is a Portuguese pop singer, businesswoman, and social media influencer. She is popularly known as the sister of the famous footballer Cristiano Ronaldo.

Katia Aveiro: Bio Summary

Full nameKatia Aveiro
Date of birthOctober 5, 1977
Age45 years old
Place of birthMadeira, Portugal
Sex Female
ProfessionPop singer, businesswoman, and social media influencer
ParentMaria Dolores dos Santos Aveiro, José Dinis Aveiro
Famous as  Cristiano Ronaldo’s Sister
AlbumsPronta P’ra Te Amar, De Corpo e Alma, Esperança
Siblings Elma dos Santos AveiroHugo dos Santos Aveiro, Cristiano Ronaldo
Children Rodrigo Pereira Aveiro, José Dinis Pereira Aveiro
Net worthUnknown


Katia Aveiro was born on October 5, 1977 to Maria Dolores dos Santos Aveiro, and José Dinis Aveiro in Madeira, Portugal. She is a Portuguese pop singer, businesswoman, and social media influencer. She is primarily recognized for being the sister of the famous football star Cristiano Ronaldo. She was brought up in a modest, middle-class home and rose to fame on her own. She has consistently encouraged her brother’s desire to break records as a football player.

In 2005, she began her singing career by releasing the slow-tempo romantic pop album Pronta P’ra Te Amar under the stage name Ronalda in honor of her footballer brother, Cristiano Ronaldo.

She also rose to fame after battling against Abraham Garcia on the reality competition programs “Dança com” and “Supervivientes: Honduras.”

Katia applied to represent her nation at the Swedish “Eurovision” song contest. On social media, she has lots of followers.

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Katia Aveiro was born on October 5, 1977, in Funchal, Madeira, Portugal, to Maria Dolores dos Santos and José Dinis Aveiro. Her father worked as a part-time kit man and municipal gardener, while her mother was a chef. She was raised by her two brothers and one sister in a modest Catholic home. She received her diploma from Madeira’s “Dr. Horacio Bento de Gouveia School.”

Her younger brother Cristiano Ronaldo is a well-known soccer player who has represented Real Madrid and Manchester United in addition to captaining the Portuguese national team. Elma, her sister, is well-known on Instagram. Hugo, her older brother, spent his formative years in Ronaldo’s shadow.

Katia Aveiro performed with the kids in her neighborhood frequently since she had a natural talent for music. She excelled at outdoor pursuits when she was a student. At the age of 52, her father passed away from a liver disease brought on by alcohol. Her mother battled breast cancer but later made a full recovery.

After finishing school, she started working at different odd jobs. And she assisted her mum in managing a restaurant. Ronaldo’s family supported him in achieving his goal of playing professional football.

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Katia Aveiro started her musical career in the early 2000s, and since then, she has put out a number of albums and songs. Her music mainly falls under the pop and dance categories.

Over the course of her career, she has collaborated with numerous musicians. She has also presented her own music program and appeared on a number of Portuguese television programs.

In 2005, Katia Aveiro, whose stage name is “La Ronalda,” published her first studio album, titled “Pronta pra te amar,”. She became a superstar in her own right, having amassed over 865 thousand followers on “Instagram,” as her younger brother, Ronaldo, rose to recognition as one of the greatest football players of all time.

She followed up the success of her debut album in 2006 with the release of “Esperança.” The release of her third album, “De corpo e alma,” in 2007, came quickly after that. In Portugal, her music became well-liked, especially among football fans.

Katia Aveiro had a short vacation after releasing three albums in a row in three consecutive years, and she then made a comeback in 2013 with the publication of her album “Boom sem parar.” RedOne, who has worked with artists including Jennifer Lopez, Lady Gaga, and Enrique Iglesias, produced the album.

In 2014, her successful song “Latina de Cuerpo y alma” from her self-titled album attracted a lot of attention. This was quickly followed by the similarly well-liked album “Delicia” in 2015.

She also put forth a bid to represent her nation at the Swedish “Eurovision” song contest in 2015. Her efforts helped her build a sizable following on social media. Her fitness advice helped her become a well-liked blogger as well.

What is her side work?

Katia has a great business career in addition to her music career. She is the owner of the clothing and accessory company “Ronaldogirls,” named after her brother Cristiano Ronaldo.

The company sells a variety of items, including caps, phone cases, jewelry, and t-shirts, and it is well-liked by both fashionistas and football fans.

Additionally, a social media influencer, Katia has a sizable following on Instagram. She frequently updates her Facebook with photos of her family, her trips, and her way of life.

Personal life

Katia and José Pereira were married, but things ended badly. After having two kids, she divorced. She currently resides in Lisbon with her two kids, José Dinis (born in 2010) and Rodrigo (born in 2000).

She is close to her family and a huge Ronaldo supporter. She also supported her older brother Hugo during a difficult period brought on by his drug and alcohol addiction.

Katia Aveiro is devoted to staying active and believes that going to the gym is a spiritual experience that helps her to purify her soul. She enjoys spending time at the gym and writing blog posts with advice for leading a healthy lifestyle.

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