Who is Alanna Marie Orton?: Fact about Randy Orton’s daughter

Alanna Marie Orton

Who is Alanna Marie Orton?

Alanna Marie Orton is an American star kid. She is best recognized as the daughter of American professional wrestler Randy Orton and his ex-wife Samantha Speno. Randy is considered one of the all-time greats in his field. Basically, Alanna is in the media because of her famous father.

Quick Fact

Full nameAlanna Marie Orton
Date of birthJuly 12, 2008
Age14 years old
Place of birthSt. Louis, MO
Birth signCancer
Sex Female
OccupationCelebrity Kid
Famous asDaughter of Randy Orton
ParentRandy Orton, Samantha Speno
Grandparent Bob Orton Jr., Elaine Orton
Great grandparent Bob Orton, Rita Orton
uncles  Nathan Orton, Roderick Orton
Aunt Becky Orton
SiblingsBrooklyn Rose Orton


Alanna Marie Orton was born on July 12, 2008, in St. Louis, Missouri. She is the first child of her parent Randy Orton and Samantha Speno. The records show that Alanna weighed 8 pounds, 10 ounces. She is 14 years old as of 2022. When Orton welcomed his first daughter, he was 28 years old. Orton said the infant was “simply beautiful from head to toe, and a delighted baby.”

Alanna become famous for being the daughter of Randy Orton, the most celebrated wrestler in the modern era.

She is active on her Instagram page by the user name @alanna_orton with 357 followers and 20 posts as of October 23, 2022.

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Alanna Marie Orton will be 14 years old in 2022, and she is currently attending secondary-level education. In 2021, she was in her eighth grade. In order to protect her private life from the media, her parents kept the name of the school she attends from the general public.

Summary of Alanna Marie Orton parent’s relationship

Randy first met his wife when he was with his friend Mike at a bar. When Randy and Samantha finally made eye contact, they immediately began conversing.

They ultimately exchanged phone numbers and soon began dating. During a conversation, Randy described his first contact with Sam,

Let me explain how we first met. My friend Mike took me out to a pub after I had just hurt my foot while wrestling. I approached Sam after spotting her and asked for her phone number. She gave it to me and instructed me to call her if I could remember it; the rest is history.”

Later, in November 2005, Randy proposed to hit her with a $99k diamond ring.

They got married on September 21, 2007, and just a few months later, in December, they revealed they were pregnant.

They made their vows in a secret wedding nearly two years later. Although they welcomed a child together and appeared to be in a happy marriage, their relationship collapsed after only five years.

Samantha Speno filed for divorce in March 2013 after the couple split up in late 2012, claiming their marriage was “irretrievably destroyed.”

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Her grandparents stop Randy from being a wrestler

Randy Orton, the father of Alanna, was born into a family of wrestlers. Bob Orton Jr., his father, was a well-known wrestler. His mother, Elaine Orton, is the grandmother of Alanna, who also used to work as a nurse. Additionally, both Barry Orton and Bob Orton, Randy Orton’s uncle and grandpa, were wrestlers.

Bob Jr., Randy’s father, who is also a wrestler, tried to steer his son clear of the field. Randy was also warned by Bob that life in the ring meant being on the road and away from family, but he continued in his dream to be a wrestler, which in the end proved to be the finest choice.

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What is Alanna Marie Orton’s career?

Alanna Marie Orton is a well-known American child star. Her father is a professional wrestler, like her great-grandfather. Her parents, particularly her father, have received attention. Samantha Speno, her mother, is a wrestler in the United States

Alanna, however, decided to play volleyball rather than follow in her parents’ wrestling footsteps.

Alanna participates in the St. Louis Crossfire Elite Volleyball Club and enjoys playing volleyball.

In the Uner-12 division, Alanna’s team won the Crossfire Super Regional Championship in December 2020.

When her squad won the “Crossfire Super Regional Championship” in the Uner-12 division in December 2020, her mother once gave them her congratulations.

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Summary of her father’s relationship after their divorce

Randy Orton and Kimberly Kessler began dating soon after Randy Orton and Samantha, his first wife, divorced. Before they started dating, Kessler belonged to his fan club. Soon after, on November 14, 2015, Randy and Kim were married.

On November 22, 2016, a little over a year after being married, Kessler and Orton welcomed their daughter Brooklyn Rose Orton into the world. For Orton, Brooklyn is the second child; for Kessler, she is the fourth. Currently, the family resides in St. Charles, Missouri.

What is Alanna Marie Orton’s net worth?

Marie has just turned 18 years old, therefore it will be years before she starts her own job and begins to make money. But her father has an estimated net worth of about $ 7 million.

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