What happened to Olivia Namath? Fact about Joe Namath’s daughter

Olivia Namath

Who is Olivia Namath?

Olivia Namath is popularly known as the daughter of Joseph William Namath, a former American professional Football League player, and her mother Deborah Mays is an American actress known for her role in the television series The Greatest American Hero, which aired between 1981 and 1983

Olivia Namath: Bio Summary

Full nameOlivia Namath
Date of birth 11 December 1990 
Age33 years old as of 2023
Place of birthUnited States of America
GrandparentJanos Namath, Rose
Famous as Joe Namath’s daughter
ParentJoe Namath, Deborah Mays
SpouseEdwin Baker
AuntRita Sims
UnclesJohn Namath, Robert Namath, Frank Namath
SiblingsJessica Namath


Olivia Rose Namath was born on 11 December 1990 in the United States of America. She is the second daughter of her parent Joseph William Namath, the former American football quarterback, and Deborah May, a talented American actress. She has one sibling, named, Jessica Namath.

Olivia Namath became well-known due to her father because she is a famous person’s daughter. Her father raised her after her parents divorced in 2000. She is an infamous youngster who has caused many problems throughout her life.


Olivia Namath December 11, 1990. She is 33 years old as of 2023.

Olivia’s Professional Career

Olivia Namath has kept information about herself from the public. However, she is known to be an actress, her performance in The Wedding Ringer. Olivia has worked in many movies and TV shows. Besides this, she has not revealed any other information about her professional life.

Police arrested Olivia for possessing illegal substances

Olivia Namath is the second daughter of Joe Namath. She has drawn controversy and generated a lot of trouble ever since she was a teenager.

The police stopped Olivia for over-speeding in West Palm Beach in 2010, and she was taken into custody. In her car, the officers discovered an open bottle of rum and marijuana.

She was driving a silver Mercedes at the time, and she was only 19 years old. According to the police report on the incident, the deputy saw what turned out to be marijuana in her car. The driver’s side floorboard contained a package of leafy greens that tested positive for the alleged drug when they checked it. They later found 200.5 grams of marijuana packaged in baggies in the trunk of the automobile.

Olivia, though, insisted she was ignorant of marijuana. That day, she was going with two males. She was detained by the police and accused of having alcohol in her possession as well as two counts of selling marijuana.

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Summary of Olivia Namath’s Relationship

In 2014, she tied the knot with Edward Baker, the man she had been dating for years, and the couple now have a daughter. When she was 16 and still enrolled in high school in Florida, she gave birth to Natalia, her first child, in August 2007 in West Palm Beach before their marriage.

Edward Baker, her husband, was once detained after robbing a McDonald’s restaurant and taking $10,000 by frightening the management. He was also imprisoned for cocaine and marijuana possession.

Joe still welcomes Edward as his son-in-law despite the fact that he has difficult legal challenges since he notices the obvious chemistry between him and Olivia.

Joe, her father, must have found fulfillment on the football field because his personal life wasn’t all that simple. Olivia, his youngest daughter, caused difficulties as she grew up, through various ups and downs, including his wife’s divorce after sixteen years of marriage.

Olivia’s husband, Edward, is an artist whose work is influenced by street art. He also found inspiration in Picasso and Basquiat.

After the birth of her first kid in 2003, she was taken into custody by the police. In her car, they found marijuana and an open rum bottle.

Sibling: Meet Jessica

She only has one sibling, a sister who is four years older than her and is named Jessica. Jessica graduated from the same university as her father, the University of Alabama.

Jessica, Olivia’s older sister, married Brian Kennedy, with whom she has kids, John In August 2019, Jessica filed for divorce after their relationship broke down.

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Bio of her mother, Deborah Mays

The mother of Olivia Namath is Deborah Mays Namath, American actress and model Deborah Mays was born on September 1st, 1964.

Deborah started working at a young age, therefore she never finished high school. Her most well-known performance came from the television series “The Great American Hero.”

When they both had singing lessons in 1983, Deborah and Joe Namath became friends. Although she was 22 and her spouse was 39, their age gap did not impede their love for one another. They dated for a while before getting married on November 7, 1984, in Florida, United States.

Her husband Joe Namath battled alcohol abuse throughout their marriage, and at some time, Mays decided to leave him if his terrible behaviors didn’t stop.

Joe gave up drinking because he wanted a wife. They chose to separate in 2000 after around 16 years of marriage.

However, the nature of the divorce has remained a secret.

Net worth

Olivia’s net worth is still under review, Regarding her sources of wealth, there is no reliable information. she shares a portion of her father’s estimated net worth of about $50 million and her mum has an estimated net worth of about $ 18 million.

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