Sapko Ibrahimović: Meet Zlatan Ibrahimović’s Siblings

Sapko Ibrahimović

Who is Sapko Ibrahimović?

Sapko Ibrahimović is popularly known as the brother of Zlatan Ibrahimović a Swedish professional football player who plays as a striker for Serie A club AC Milan and the Sweden national team. Ibrahimović is highly recognized for his skillful acrobatic attacks and volleys, powerful long strokes, good technique, and ball control.

Sapko Ibrahimović: Bio Summary

Full nameSapko Ibrahimović
Date of birthApril 30, 1973
AgeDead at the age of 41
DeadApril 2014
ProfessionCelebrity brother
ParentŠefik Ibrahimović
SiblingsZlatan Ibrahimović, Sapko Ibrahimović and Sanela Ibrahimović.


Sapko Ibrahimović was born on April 30, 1973 to  Šefik Ibrahimović and Jurka Gravić. He sadly passed away on April 2014. He has two siblings, named: Zlatan Ibrahimović, and  Sanela Ibrahimović. He gained notoriety for being the sibling of Swedish professional footballer Zlatan Ibrahimović, a striker for the Serie A club AC Milan and the Sweden national team.

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Sapko Ibrahimović dead at age 41.


Sapko Ibrahimović’s professional career is unknown. He is best known as the brother of Zlatan Ibrahimović. However, Talking about his famous brother’s career:

Zlatan Ibrahimović was born on October 3, 1981. He is a Swedish professional footballer who plays as a striker for the Sweden national team and Serie A’s AC Milan. Ibrahimovic is well-known for his deft attacks and volleys, strong long shots, superb technique, and ball control. He is regarded as one of football’s all-time greatest attackers and one of the most decorated players still active, having collected 34 honors during his career. He has scored in each of the previous four decades, giving him a career total of almost 570 goals, including more than 500 club goals.

He began his professional career in 1999 with Malmö FF before switching to Ajax two years later, where he quickly made a name for himself as one of the most exciting forwards on the continent. After two years, he departed to join Juventus before transferring to Inter Milan in 2006, where he won three consecutive Serie A titles.

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He relocated to Barcelona in the summer of 2009 in one of the most affordable trades ever. After just one season, he switched to Inter’s rival Milan before going back to Italy. In his first season with them, he captured the Serie A championship.

IbrahimovićI joined Paris Saint-Germain in 2012, helping them win their first Ligue 1 championship in 19 years, and quickly became a key player in their hegemony in the French game. He spent four seasons in France, winning four straight Ligue 1 titles, scoring the most goals three times, and becoming PSG’s all-time greatest scorer.

He moved to Manchester United in 2016 on a free transfer, and in his first campaign, he was awarded his first European honor. Ibrahimović departed Milan in 2018 to sign with the LA Galaxy. He returned in 2020 and won his fifth Serie A title in 2022.

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How did his parent meet?

Šefik Ibrahimović and his wife Jurka Gravić emigrated to Sweden where they first met. However, the actual date of their marriage is unknown. The couple was blessed with beautiful children: Zlatan Ibrahimović, Sapko Ibrahimović, and Sanela Ibrahimović.

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Sapko Ibrahimović is not the only child of his parent, he has other siblings named; Zlatan Ibrahimović, Sapko Ibrahimović, and Sanela Ibrahimović.

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