Maelle Eto’o: Fact about Samuel Eto’o’s son

Maelle Eto'o

Maelle Eto’o is popularly known as the son of former Cameroonian professional footballer Samuel Eto’o and Georgette Eto’o, an Ivorian hairstylist.

Quick Fact

Full nameMaelle Eto’o
Date of birthN/A
Place of birthN/A
Sex Female
ProfessionCelebrity child
Famous asDaughter of  Samuel Eto’o
ParentSamuel Eto’oGeorgette Eto’o
Grandparent Christine Eto’o, David Eto’o
AuntsPauline Eto’o, Sidonie Eto’o, Mado Eto’o
Siblings Siena Eto’o, Lynn Eto’o, Annie Eto’oEtienne Eto’o
Net worthN/A


Maelle Eto’o is popularly known as the daughter of former Cameroonian professional footballer, Samuel Eto’o and Georgette Eto’o. Her mother is an Ivorian hairstylist, while her father is a Cameroonian professional footballer. Her true birth date is still unknown. She is the daughter of Samuel Eto’o and Georgette Eto’o, an Ivorian mother. This makes her a half-Ivorian and half-Cameroonian citizen.

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Maelle Eto’o has four siblings, named; Siena Eto’o, Lynn Eto’o, Annie Eto’o, and Etienne Eto’o. The family has kept their personal information private, making it impossible to gain access to them.

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What is Maelle Eto’o’s chosen career? There isn’t much information available regarding her chosen career. She kept her information private and out of sight of the broader public

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Summary of her father Samuel Eto’o’s career

Eto’o was once considered one of the world’s best strikers; he is now regarded as one of the finest African players of all time. Along with George Weah and Didier Drogba, he is often regarded as one of the three best African attackers. Despite losing some of his speed as he aged, he was able to maintain a consistent goalscoring rate as a striker due to his ability to get into favorable positions and pace his attacking runs, as illustrated by his goal in Everton’s 6-3 loss to Chelsea on August 30, 2014.

Beyond his speed and goal-scoring skills, Eto’o was known at his peak for his first touch, close control, and passing ability; even as he aged, he retained his dribbling abilities in his later career, which he used to defeat opponents and assist or create chances for teammates. As a response to José Mourinho’s jibes about being too old, Eto’o adopted an ‘old man’s performance in his goal celebration in his mid-thirties, in which he stooped over and began walking slowly with an imaginary cane, with the celebration featured in EA Sports FIFA video game FIFA 18.

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Maelle Eto’o’s parent: Meet Georgette and Samuel Eto’o

Georgette and Samuel married quietly in Paris on July 6, 2007. The couple kept the affair discreet and did not invite many people to it. Following media criticism over Samuel’s hidden wedding, they held a gorgeous ceremony. In July 2014, right before the second wedding, Samuel proposed to Georgette with a €500,000 diamond ring. In June 2015, they married in front of several football legends, including former Barcelona captain Carles Puyol and former Inter Milan owner Massimo Moratti, in the Chiesa di San Giovanni Battista in Stezzano, near Milan. Serge Beynaud, a well-known vocalist, was invited to perform at Georgette’s wedding.

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Georgette, on the other hand, is frequently the object of squabbles as a result of her husband. Georgette has been charged with threatening one of his ex-girlfriends. Fortunately, football fans dismissed the claims, and the incident faded into obscurity. Georgette is sometimes forced to confront the consequences of Samuel’s repeated relationships with women. Georgette, on the other hand, keeps her cool and assists her husband during this struggle. Georgette is described by Samuel as the most patient woman he has ever met.

Georgette is a beautiful, hardworking, and caring woman in his life. Georgette changed his life the instant they met. She has constantly demonstrated her devotion and loyalty to her husband. Georgette and Samuel are undeniably soulmates who will spend their lives together. Samuel would not have been a successful football player without Georgette.

What is Maelle Eto’o’s net worth?

Maelle Eto’o’s estimated net worth is currently unknown. But her father, Samuel Eto’o, a former Cameroonian footballer, has a net worth of $95 million.

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