Lisa Childress Landry 1958-1995:(Tom Landry’s daughter)

Lisa Childress Landry

Who is Lisa Childress Landry?

Lisa Childress Landry is wildly known as the daughter of Thomas Landry, a former American professional football player, and coach. He served as the Dallas Cowboys‘ first head coach in the National Football League for 29 seasons.

Lisa Childress Landry: Bio summary

Full nameLisa Childress Landry
Date of birthMarch 4, 1958
Age37 years, (March 4, 1958-May 28, 1995)
Place of birthDallas County, Texas, USA
DeadMay 28, 1995
Place of burialDallas, Dallas County, Texas, United States
Memorial ID62418274
ParentTom Landry (1924- 2000), Alicia Wiggs 
UnclesRobert Landry, Jack Landry
Aunt Ruthie Landry
Siblings Kitty Landry, Tom Landry, Jr.


Lisa Childress Landry was born on March 4, 1958, in Dallas, Texas, USA, to her parent Tom Landry and  Alicia Wiggs. She becomes famous for being the daughter of Tom Landry, a formal  American professional football player, and coach. Lisa Childress pass away in 1995 at the age of 37.


She is not the only child of her parent, she has other siblings, they are Kitty Landry, and Tom Landry, Jr.

What causes the death of Lisa Childress Landry?

After a four-year struggle with cancer, Lisa, the daughter of former Dallas Cowboys coach Tom Landry, has passed away. At age 37, Lisa Landry Childress passed away from liver cancer in 1995. After declining a doctor’s recommendation to undergo an abortion, she attracted international notice in 1991.

The medical professional had identified Lisa’s cancer and thought that rapid treatment was her only chance of surviving.

Billy Graham and a longstanding friend of the Landry family Mother Teresa both expressed support for Lisa’s decision to keep the baby and postpone cancer treatment.

The youngest child of the former Dallas Cowboys coach, Childress, 33, managed to delay the threat of liver cancer long enough to give birth to Christina on August 24.

Tom Landry worried about whether her young daughter would survive to celebrate this Christmas. Her family sometimes had the same questions about her.

Childress underwent a liver transplant the following week in Dallas with the knowledge that the treatment would be aborted if the sizable tumor had spread outside of the liver. She told the Dallas Morning News that the ordeal strengthened her relationship with Gary

“My faith increased significantly,” She stated. It’s just too difficult for anyone to handle anything like this on their own, in my opinion.

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