Smail Zidane: Who Is Zinedine Zidane’s Father?

Smail Zidane

Who Is Smail Zidane?

Smail Zidane is the father of  Zinedine Zidane a French professional football legend, football manager, and former Real Madrid player who played as an attacking midfielder. Smail’s son, Zidane is most recently coached Spanish club Real Madrid and is among the successful coaches in the world.

Smail Zidane has a family of five children who are named: Farid Zidane, Mahjid Zidane, Noureddine Zidane, Lila Zidane, and  Zinedine Zidane. His wife is Malika Zidani . The couple tied the knot in a beautiful ceremony on April 18, 1963, in Marseille, Provence-Alpes-Côtes d’Azur, France.

Smail Zidane: Bio Summary

Full nameSmail Zidane
Date of birthJune 21, 1935
Age89 years old as of 2024
Place of birthKendra, Algeria
ParentsZahra Bent Mohand Bel-Lakdar and Mohand Ben Ali Zidane 
Famous asThe father of Zinedine Zidane
Profession Machine Operator 
SpouseMalika Zidane
Children’sZinedine Zidane,Mahjid Zidane, Farid Zidane, Noureddine Zidane and Lila Zidane 
GrandchildrenElyaz Zidane Fernández, Theo Zidane, Théo Zidane, Enzo Fernández, Luca Zidane.
Net worthUnknown

Biography of Smail Zidane

Smail Zidane was born on June 21, 1935, Kendra, Algeria to Zahra Bent Mohand Bel-Lakdar and Mohand Ben Ali Zidane. Smail is the father of professional French football legend and former Real Madrid player, Zinedine Zidane. He is the most popular football member of the Zidane family and that is probably why the Zidane family is very interested in football.

Smail is a citizen of Algeria and the same time also a French citizen. Smail and his family took their moved to Paris in the year 1953, just a few years before the Civil War started in Algeria on 11 January 1992.

Smail settled down in the northern districts of Barbès and Saint-Denis in France, where he worked hard to look after his family. He works as a machine operator.  A few years later, Smail took his journey to the city of Marseille and settled down his life in the northern area of La Castellane.

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How Old Is Smail Zidane?

Smail Zidane was born on June 21, 1935. He is 89 years old as of 2024.


Smail Zidane works as a machine operator. He becomes famous for being the father of Zinedine Zidane France professional football legend. However, talking about his famous son Zinedine Zidane’s professional career:

Zinedine Zidane is a France professional football legend, manager, and former Real Madrid player, who played as an attacking midfielder. He is a former coach of Spanish club Real Madrid and he is the most successful coach in the world. He was born on June 23, 1972.

He is widely regarded as one of the greatest players of all time. He also won the  FIFA World Player of the Year in 1998, 2000, and 2003, and won the Ballon d’Or in 1998.

He started his career at Cannes before establishing himself to be one of the best players in the French Ligue 1 at Bordeaux. In the year 1996, he then moved to the Italian team Juventus, where he won several trophies including two Serie A titles. (source Wikipedia)

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How Did Smail Meet Malika Zidane?

Smail Zidane got married to Malika Zidane. Smail and Malika Zidane got married on April 18, 1963. The couple has been blessed with five children together: Zinedine Zidane, Mahjid Zidane, Noureddine Zidane, Farid Zidane, and Lila Zidane. Smail and his family practices Islam as a religion.

Zinedine Zidane’s elder brother, Farid Zidane, dies of cancer at age 54. Madjid Zidane works as a pool cleaner. There is not much known about Zinedine Zidane’s siblings since they chose to hide their details from the media.

Net worth

Smail Zidane’s estimated net worth is unknown. However, his son, Zinedine Zidane, has a net worth of $120 million.

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