Julia Ruth Stevens: Babe Ruth’s daughter dies at 102

Julia Ruth Stevens

Who is Julia Ruth Stevens?

Julia Ruth Stevens, Babe Ruth’s adopted daughter passed away on March 9 at a Henderson assisted care facility. Julia Ruth Stevens was a persistent advocate for her father and a living memorial to the renowned baseball player who was frequently recognized as the greatest player of all time. She passed away at the age of 102.

Julia Ruth Stevens: Bio Summary

Full nameJulia Ruth Stevens
Date of birthJuly 7, 1916
AgeAge, 102 (1916 – 2019)
Place of birthGeorgia, United States
DeadMarch 9, 2019, Henderson, Nevada, United States
Famous asBabe Ruth’s adopted daughter
ParentBabe Ruth, Claire Merritt Ruth, Frank Hodgson
GrandparentsGeorge Herman Ruth, Sr., Katherine Schamberger
Great-grandparentsPius Schamberger
Niece Donna Pirone, Linda Pirone, Genevieve Sullivan, Ellen Sullivan
Siblings Dorothy Ruth


Julia Ruth Stevens was born on July 7, 1916, in Georgia, United States to  Babe Ruth, Claire Merritt Ruth, and Frank Hodgson. When Julia was a baby, her parents, Claire Hodgson and Frank, divorced. Ms. Hodgson accompanied Julia to New York where she obtained employment as an illustrator’s model. Julia Ruth was adopted by Babe Ruth American professional baseball player.

Babe Ruth’s adoptive daughter Julia Ruth Stevens passed away on Saturday at the age of 102 in a Henderson, Nevada, assisted living home, according to her son Tom.


Julia Ruth Stevens’s professional career is unknown. Talking about her famous father’s professional career:

Babe Ruth was born on February 6, 1895 – August 16, 1948. He was an American professional baseball player.

His greatest reputation came as a slugging outfielder for the New York Yankees, but he began his Major League Baseball career as a standout left-handed pitcher with the Boston Red Sox. Many people consider Ruth to be the greatest baseball player of all time, making him one of America’s most renowned sports figures. Ruth was one of the “first five” original members of the Baseball Hall of Fame when it was established in 1936.

From 1914 until 1935, he played professionally in Major League Baseball (MLB) for 22 seasons.

When he was seven years old, Brother Matthias Boutlier of the Xaverian Brothers, the school’s disciplinarian, and a skilled baseball player, sent Ruth to St. Mary’s Industrial School for Boys, a reformatory. While there, Brother Matthias Boutlier served as a mentor for Ruth. Ruth signed a contract with the Baltimore Orioles in 1914 to play Minor League baseball, but he was quickly traded to the Red Sox.

He had established a reputation by 1916 for being a great pitcher who occasionally hit long home runs, an accomplishment unheard of for any player during the dead-ball era. Ruth was able to change to an outfielder because he wanted to play every day despite twice winning 23 games in a season as a pitcher and being a part of three Red Sox World Series championship teams.

Ruth spent 15 years with the Yankees, during which time the team won four World Series titles and seven American League (AL) pennants. After a brief time with the Boston Braves, he announced his retirement from the sport the following year. Twelve times during his career, he had the most home runs in the American League.

For his baseball prowess and off-field propensities for drinking and womanizing, Ruth attracted a lot of press attention and general public attention throughout his career. He was not given the chance to manage a major league club when he retired as a player, most likely due to his bad behavior at various points in his playing career.

Ruth made frequent public appearances in his later years, particularly to boost American efforts in World War II. He was diagnosed with nasopharyngeal carcinoma in 1946 and died two years later. Ruth is still revered in American culture.

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Bio of her parent’s relationship

Babe Ruth got married to Helen Woodford when he started his career as a pitcher for the Red Sox. Helen was just sixteen, and Babe was nineteen years old at the time. The couple was blessed with a daughter named Dorothy.

Ruth and Halen got separated in 1925 but were not legally divorced. Sadly, Helen Ruth died young in a housefire on January 11, 1929, in Watertown, Massachusetts. She was alone in the house at the time of the incident. Her daughter, Dorothy, was at a Catholic Boarding School, and Edward had gone to watch a boxing match at Boston Garden.

Halen and Ruth split up in 1925, although they weren’t actually divorced. Sadly, Helen Ruth died younger in a house fire in Watertown, Massachusetts, on January 11, 1929. When the incident happened, she was alone in the home. Edward had gone to Boston Garden to watch a boxing fight while her daughter Dorothy was at a Catholic boarding school.

On February 16, 1921, Claire’s first husband, Frank Hodgson, passed away, leaving her with a daughter named Julia. In 1923, she met Ruth. At this time, Ruth was still wed to his first wife, Helen Woodford. Sadly Ruth Woodford died in a house fire on January 11, 1929. Ruth and Claire got married on the opening day of the 1929 baseball season and remained together till Ruth passed away.

Julia Ruth Stevens thought back fondly on her childhood. As a teenager, she would accompany her parents to the Vanderbilt Hotel, which featured an orchestra and a dance floor, where The Babe took her bowling. She once remarked, “He taught me how to dance, and I actually much prefer dancing with Daddy than with any of my dates.

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Julia Ruth Stevens’ first husband, Richard Flanders, who died in 1949, ran a ski lodge in New Hampshire. She later ran a general store in Eaton Center, New Hampshire. After divorcing her first husband, she married her second husband, Grant Meloon. Her marriage to Grant Meloon, sadly, ended in divorce.

She ran a chicken farm in New Hampshire with her third husband, Brent Stevens, to whom she was married for 49 years, and eventually worked in retail management, receiving tiny sums of money from firms that utilized Ruth’s image.

However, in 1984, the Ruth estate hired Indianapolis-based CMG Worldwide as its exclusive marketing representative. Julia Ruth Stevens told Bloomberg News in 1998 that she was getting more than $80,000 per year in royalties from CMG-arranged arrangements.

Julia Ruth Stevens is survived by two grandkids and four great-grandchildren from her third marriage, in addition to her son.

Ruth was questioned why her father had survived as an American hero on the 50th anniversary of her father’s death.

“I think it was probably because he was so close to the people, to his fans,” Julia Ruth explained to NBC. “Of course, they never addressed him as Mr. Ruth. The greeting was always, ‘Hi ya, Babe.’ It was like saying hello to a friend.”

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