John Arum: Bob Arum’s son Found Dead at the Top of Storm Mountain in Washington

John Arum

Who is John Arum?

John Arum was an environmental lawyer and avid outdoorsman who rose to prominence in his adoptive state of Washington as a supporter of wilderness preservation and Native American tribal rights. He sought to conserve wetlands, woods, and other natural places from development, frequently volunteering his time to such causes.

John is the first child of American lawyer and boxing promoter Bob Arum. He is the founder and CEO of Top Rank, a professional boxing promotion company based in Las Vegas.

John Arum: Bio Summary

Full nameJohn Arum
Date of birthJune 23, 1961,
Age1961-2010 (age, 49 )
Place of birthNew York City
ProfessionEnvironmental lawyer
Famous as Mountain climber
Parent Bob Arum
SiblingsRichard Arum, and Elizabeth Arum


John Arum was born in New York City on June 23, 1961. He is Top Rank boxing promoter Bob Arum’s first child. John Arum was a mountain climber and an environmental lawyer. John was discovered dead at Storm Mountain’s summit, some 85 miles northeast of Seattle.

Sadly, Bob Arum’s son, environmental lawyer John Arum (1961-2010), died in 2010 while climbing Storm King, a peak in North Cascades National Park; he is well known for his thorough of Native American tribal rights.

Environmentalists and tribes around the country knew him not as Bob Arum’s son, but as a champion in his own right, a smart and dedicated lawyer who made a difference.

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What courses the death of John Arum

John Arum was reported missing Monday after failing to return home Sunday after climbing Storm King, a steep mountain peak approximately seven hours by automobile from Seattle.

According to Kelly Olson, a North Cascades Park representative, the body of John Arum was observed from the park’s service helicopter at 7,700 feet on Storm Mountain’s 8,500 feet.

Because his father was a world-renowned boxing promoter, the five-day hunt that led to his body gained extensive media coverage. But environmentalists and tribal leaders across the country knew him as a champion in his own way, a smart and determined lawyer who made a difference.

John Arum, 49, died during a trek in North Cascades National Park last week. His family stated he had established a goal of climbing Washington’s top 100 peaks and was trying a solo ascent of the 8,500-foot Storm King mountain when he allegedly fell.

His father, Bob Arum, was in Los Angeles for the first stage of a week-long press trip to promote Manny Pacquiao vs. Antonio Margarito, a boxing contest scheduled for November 13 at the Dallas Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas, when word of his missing son reached him.

The famed boxing promoter rushed out of the Beverly Hills Hotel news conference to join the search for his missing son. It took over a week for rescuers to find John Arum’s body.


John Arum attended Reed College in Portland, Oregon, and the University of Washington Law School, where he was the law review’s assistant editor.

John enjoyed outdoor sports, which inspired him to study environmental law. He graduated from the University of Washington in 1990, where he was an associate editor of the law review.

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John Arum was an environmental lawyer and avid outdoorsman who rose to prominence in his adoptive state of Washington as a supporter of wilderness preservation and Native American tribal rights.

He took to conserve wetlands, woods, and other wild areas from development, frequently devoting his time to such causes. He served on the Washington Environmental Council’s board of directors for many years.

He negotiated a major agreement between Central Washington farmers and environmentalists over over-irrigation and enhancing stream flow for fish. He also represented the Makah Indian Tribe throughout its lengthy and contentious hunt for gray whales. Aside from environmental law, his interest was mountain mountaineering.

He had climbed more than 80 of the state’s highest peaks before presumably dying on a solo trek in North Cascades National Park.

During his law school summers, Arum worked as a clerk at the Seattle legal firm Ziontz, Chestnut, Varnell, Berley, and Slonim. The firm was well-known for representing Native American tribes, particularly in preserving treaty rights.

The partners were so delighted with Arum that they offered him a job after he graduated.

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Bob Arum and Lovee Duboef married in 1991. Arum has had two marriages. With his first wife, he had three children: Elizabeth, Richard, and John. He married Lovee duBoef in 1991, and they have two stepchildren: Dena duBoef, Vice President of Top Rank, and Todd duBoef, President of Top Rank.

Love Duboef considers Bob Arum and his two stepchildren, Todd and Dena duBoef, to be his family. Bob Arum and Lovee Duboef are the parents of five children.

Richard Arum is a sociologist of education and stratification best known for his research on student learning, school discipline, racism, and inequality in K-12 and higher education.

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