Fact about Travis and Jason Kelce’s parents, Ed Kelce and Donna Kelce

Ed Kelce

Ed Kelce and Donna Kelce made history as the first parents with two sons playing against one another in the Super Bowl.

Ed Kelce: Bio Summary

Full nameEd Kelce
Date of birthUnknown
Sex Male
ProfessionBussines man
Spouse Donna Kelce
ChildrenTravis Kelce, Jason Kelce
Grandchild Wyatt Elizabeth Kelce


Ed Kelce is a steel industry sales representative while his wife Donna works in banking. Ed leads a quiet existence; hence, not much is known about him. There was no information about his date of birth, age, height, or weight.

All to know about Travis and Jason Kelce

Ed Kelce and Donna Kelce are the proud parents of two Super Bowl 2023 sportsmen, Jason and Travis.

Jason and Travis Kelce, brothers who have played in the NFL for a combined 22 years, achieved a football milestone that no other brotherly pair has been able to do: they were the first brothers to ever face off in the Super Bowl, which meant that their parents, Ed and Donna, were not only present at the big game but also cheering for both teams.

The Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles squared battle in Super Bowl LVII. After winning their respective divisional championship games on January 29, 2023, the Kelce brothers locked up a spot in the Super Bowl. Jason’s storied career with the Eagles as a center began in 2011. Travis, a record-breaking tight end, has been a Chiefs player since 2013.

Of course, football fans kept a close eye on Ed and Donna’s preparations for the 2023 Super Bowl. Would every parent support a different team? What team’s jersey would they don?

When Donna dressed for the big game, she made careful to give her sons equal support. The happy mother carried a transparent bag containing the jersey numbers of each of her sons and wore a shirt that split into Eagles and Chiefs colors into opposite sides. Even her sneakers were team-specific, with the Chiefs on her left and the Eagles on her right.

In the end, the Chiefs defeated the Eagles 38-35, making Travis the successful sibling of the appropriately called “Kelce Bowl.” Jason was observed being sad after reconciling with his mother on the field following the defeat, while Travis was seen celebrating on the winner’s platform with Super Bowl MVP Patrick Mahomes. The Eagles singer looked to provide some consoling words as she quickly engulfed Donna in a bear hug.

Even though there could only be one winner, Donna said before the game that team Kelce had already won because of the historic event. As children, you wonder how they would interact with other kids, but you don’t truly know.

Donna understood, as the mother of two top-ranked NFL players, that the prospect was always within reach, even though she and her family only thought it was feasible in their wildest fantasies for their two boys to play in the Super Bowl.

Ed Kelce is from a family with a military background

Like his boys, Ed Kelce was drawn to football as a high school athlete since he was born and raised in Cleveland. Although Ed tried college, he felt drawn to the military because he comes from a family with a lot of military members.”Everyone in my family before me was in the service,” he said.

Sadly, the Army turned down his application because he already had a knee problem. Yet, Ed eventually decided to join the Coast Guard. But, when he discovered he had Crohn’s illness at boot camp, his dreams were put on hold. Ed made a job change and went on to have a very prosperous career in the steel industry. On occasion, he brought his sons to work with them so they could see what it was like to work in a mill.

How Ed Kelce and his wife Donna met for the first time

Donna and Ed Kelce experienced love at first sight. Ed snatched his future wife from another guy who Donna had originally planned to go on a date with later that same night, it was revealed when they shared their love story in New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce. In Old Cleveland Flats, Donna made a stop at Fagan’s, a bar where Ed also happened to stop for an after-work drink. Donna skipped her date once they started talking.

Ed Kelce, who had spent the entire day at the steel lab, is still in disbelief that he was able to win Donna over.

Summary of Ed Kelce and Donna’s marriage

The couple’s eldest son Jason was born roughly five years after Donna and Ed were married in the late 1970s. Less than two years later, Travis was born to the family, making it a four-person household. Their sons attended the University of Cincinnati, where they both played college football, and they raised their family there as well in Cleveland Heights, Ohio.

After 25 years of marriage, the couple divorced after both of their kids had their college degrees. Although the Kelce family experienced difficulties as a result of the divorce, Donna has pleasant memories of her marriage to Ed. Donna assured Jason and Travis Kelce that she holds their father in the highest regard and that she had no animosity toward him while they were in New Heights.

“I’m not mad at him. Even today, we remain close. We vibe well “In the show, Donna stated. “Together, we were like a tag team. We had a ton of enjoyable experiences. One of you would assist with the other child when the other had to leave town when the other was with the first child. It was ideal.”

The couple was proud of their two NFL stars

Donna and Ed welcomed their football heroes exactly 23 months apart. Jason was born on November 5, 1987, while his younger brother was born on October 5, 1989. Ed disagrees with the claim made by certain fans that Jason is a miniature version of his father.

On New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce, Ed noted that there are many similarities between him and Jason in their mannerisms, tones, speaking patterns, and approaches to people. “But, do I recognize more of myself in Jason than [Travis]? No, in some respects it might be the opposite.

In one day, Donna traveled 1,300 miles to see both of her boys’ playoff games

When Donna claims she doesn’t support one son over the other, she isn’t joking. Donna went 1,300 miles to watch her boys compete in their different playoff games on the same day during the NFL Wild Card playoffs when Jason and Travis were playing on opposite coasts.

Ed Kelce prepared himself for the Super Bowl heartache of one of his sons

Ed Kelce was preparing to console one of his boys once the other was pronounced the winner even before the Super Bowl.

Before the game, he told the Los Angeles Times, “We’ll try to enjoy it. “Yet by ten o’clock on Sunday night, one person will be sad and one person too will be happy. If and when it occurs, we’ll handle it as best we can.”

Travis asked Ed which of them he will speak to first after the game during his visit to his sons’ program.

He responded, “Probably the loser,” adding, “Somebody’s going to feel lousy and I want to be with him — initially.”

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