Fact about Joe Barrow’s parents, Robin Burrow, and Jim Burrow

Robin Burrow

Who is Robin Burrow?

Robin Burrow is best known as the mother of Joe Burrow NFL player. She is not just the mother of an NFL player, but also the principal of Eastern Elementary School in Ohio’s rural Meigs County.

Robin Burrow: Bio Summary

Full nameRobin Burrow
Date of birthUnknown
Place of birthUnited States
ProfessionSchool Principal
Famous asJoe Burrow’s mother
SpouseJimmy Arthur Burrow 
Children’sJoe, Jamie, and Dan Burrow
Net worthUnknown


Robin Burrow is famously known as the mother of NFL player Joe Burrow. Besides being an NFL mom, She is not just the mother of an NFL player, but also the principal of Eastern Elementary School in Ohio’s rural Meigs County. Robin is an American who is of white ethnicity. She keeps other details about her family and early years private from the general public.

Also, she is a board member of the Appalachian Children’s Coalition, a group whose mission is to improve the health and well-being of kids in the area. She explicitly addresses children’s mental health.

Robin Burrow has two step-sons from her husband’s previous marriage

Robin Burrow is the stepmother to Dan Burrow and Jamie Burrow, who was born from her husband’s first union with Carol Crawford. Both brothers were athletes. Carol, Jim’s first wife, used to be an assistant at Ames Public School. She went to the same university where Jimmy played collegiate football, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Joe, at 5 years old, grew up watching his brother Dan play basketball in college. When he was six years old, his brother Jamie made his debut as a middle linebacker, and his father was a sideline coach for the 2001 Rose Bowl.

What is Robin Burrow’s professional career?

Robin Barrow is the principal of Eastern Elementary School in rural Meigs County, Ohio. According to People.com, the pupils at her school are huge fans of her son and adore the friendship between their principal and him. The school has special days to celebrate Joe. She presently serves on the board of the Appalachian Children’s Coalition, an advocacy group for young people in the area.

Robin Burrow spent roughly 12 years working in the fashion industry before relocating to the education field. The Joe Burrow Foundation is operated jointly by Jim and his wife Robin. Robin said on Sunshine This Morning, “I was traveling a lot, my husband was traveling a lot with coaching so I ended up moving out of that area because we had Joe and it simply wasn’t conducive to our family life.”

Summary of her son Joe Burrow’s career

The head of Eastern Elementary School is a proud mother of Joe Burrow, an athlete, whom she has with her devoted husband. Joe Burrow was born on December 10, 1996, in Ames, Iowa.

Heisman Trophy winner Joe Burrow began participating in football during his high school years. Afterward, he played for Ohio State before transferring to Louisiana State (LSU).

Joe Burrow won the Walter Camp National Offensive Player of the Week award during his college football career with a total of 393 yards and 3 touchdowns. The son of Robin has set numerous football records. He is currently a quarterback with the Cincinnati Bengals in the NFL, as indicated.

Who is Joe Burrow’s parents, Jim Burrow and Robin Burrow?

Jim and Robin Burrow gave birth to Joe Burrow. Jim Barrow, his father, played football as well. He was a former National Football League all-star defensive back who later coached collegiate football. Jim Barrow was born in 1953 and is an American.

On the other side, his mother, Robin Barrow, works as a school principal. According to People.com, the children at her school are huge fans of her son and adore the friendship that her son has with their principal. The school has special days to celebrate Joe.

She spent 12 years working in the fashion industry before relocating to the education field. The Joe Burrow Foundation is operated jointly by Jim and his wife Robin.

Summary of their marriage

Robin Burrow is the wife of Jim Burrow, a former defensive back in the Canadian Football League and the National Football League. He was born on November 29, 1953, and he is 69 years old. Before his retirement in 2019, Jimmy served as the defensive coordinator and coach at Ohio University.

Regarding their relationship as husband and wife, there is no specific information regarding the moment Robin and her husband walked down the aisle. Nonetheless, it appears that the pair has been together for about 30 years.

They have so far conducted their marriage elegantly, and they frequently appeared together in the public.

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Summary of her husband’s career

Burrow participated in collegiate football at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln. In the eighth round of the 1976 NFL Draft, the Green Bay Packers selected him, and he played for them that season. He played with the Montreal Alouettes, the Calgary Stampeders, and the Ottawa Rough Riders of the Canadian Football League after his time with the Packers.

Before joining Iowa State, Burrow held coaching jobs at North Dakota State, Ames High School, Nebraska, and Washington State. He planned his retirement from coaching to coincide with his son Joe Burrow’s final season of collegiate football at LSU in 2019. The senior Burrow publicly admitted that his decision to retire was inspired by his desire to attend all of his son’s 2019 games.

Jim retired from coaching football to support Joe

Burrow served as the defensive coordinator at Ohio University from 2005 until his retirement at the end of the 2018 season. He was one of the Division I football coordinators with the longest tenure at the time of his retirement. He worked as associate head coach from 2017 till his retirement. In acknowledgment of his efforts, Burrow was given the 2009 MAC Defensive Coordinator of the Year award by Scout.com.

He tweeted in February 2019 that he was quitting coaching “I informed the team of my retirement at 8:51 on Tuesday, February 5. I’ll always recall that difficult day. I adore this group. I adore football. I appreciate you being such an important part of my life.” Jimmy decided to leave his career early so that he could watch all of his son’s final season games at Louisiana State.

Robin Burrow and Jim help to run the Joe Burrow Foundation

Joe established his foundation in October 2022 to lower food insecurity and promote the emotional and behavioral health of kids in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and Ohio. Jimmy serves as vice president, Joe as president, and Robin as secretary and treasurer.

Robin Burrow stated to The Columbus Dispatch in October 2022, “He recognized he had this platform and honestly believes everyone should do well.” As a mother, I’m incredibly proud of him for accepting the duty to do good.

The foundation’s initial plan of action was to cover 20 families’ unpaid medical expenses while their children were being treated at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. Robin remarked on the increasing mental health problem, “We see this directly. “The epidemic has considerably increased children’s emotions of helplessness and anxiety, making it difficult for them to concentrate or resolve disagreements. We’re attempting to rebuild this self-efficacy component.”

Robin Burrow and Jim give Joe football and life advice

As Joe gets life guidance from Robin, Jimmy frequently gives his son football instruction. Jimmy clarified in a February 2022 interview with Fox 19: “Although coaching clichés, Make wise decisions, keep the ball under control, and safeguard it.” He said, “They are for him. On offensively, you’re constantly wanting to run the ball, and the better we can do that, the less pressure it puts on our players to fend off that excellent pass rush on defense.”

Jimmy continued, “Always try to stop the run when playing defense. In the fourth quarter, you’ll have a shot if you can stop explosive plays, which is harder said than done when playing the Rams.”

My advice is undoubtedly coming from a mother’s perspective, Robin stated. “Embrace the journey. Get out and have fun with your teammates … and focus on the plan and be confident.”

Robin Burrow and Jim are proud of their son for being a role model

Joe has established himself as a role model, and his parents are pleased with him for his record-breaking football career, founding of his foundation, and frequent advocacy of justice.

“That is incredible. I have no words to express how proud I am of Joe for everything he has accomplished, the young man he has become, and the role model he has become for young people “Back in February 2022, Robin Burrow stated.

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