Elizabeth Arum: Fact about Bob Arum’s daughter

Who is Elizabeth Arum?

Elizabeth Arum is best known as the daughter of Robert Arum a boxing promoter and lawyer from the United States. He is the founder and CEO of Top Rank, a Las Vegas-based professional boxing promotion firm. Arum worked as an attorney in the tax section of the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York before becoming a boxing promoter.

Elizabeth Arum: Bio Summary

Full nameElizabeth Arum
Date of birthUnknown
Sex Female
Famous asBob Arum’s daughter
Parent Bob Arum
Siblings John Arum, Richard Arum
Net worthUnknown


Elizabeth Arum is a celebrity daughter who happens to be the daughter of Bob Arum American lawyer and boxing promoter. Her actual birthdate is unknown since she hides her personal information away from the media. She has a sibling named, John Arum, and Richard Arum.

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Elizabeth Arum’s professional career is unknown. Therefore, talking about her famous father’s professional career:

Robert Arum was born on December 8, 1931. He is a lawyer and boxing promoter from the United States. He is the founder and CEO of Top Rank, a professional boxing promotion company based in Las Vegas. Before becoming a boxing promoter, Arum worked as an attorney in the tax section of the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York.

Arum was born in New York City. He grew up in the Crown Heights neighborhood of New York, and his family is Orthodox Jewish.

The Department of Justice assigned Arum in 1962 to seize the proceeds from the Sonny Liston vs. Floyd Patterson world heavyweight boxing title fight on September 25, 1962, during which he met closed-circuit television (CCTV) pioneer and former Leo Burnett & Co. vice-president Lester M. Malitz (1907 – July 24, 1965) of Lester M. Malitz Inc.

Malitz promoted the Terrell-Chuvalo fight in 1965, and he hired Arum to represent him. Arum became a boxing promoter in 1966, after the proposal of Jim Brown, whom Arum had secured for Malitz as the fight’s announcer.

Brown remembers Arum seeing a broadcast fight in 1965, adding that “the first fight Arum ever saw was Terrell-Chuvalo, and he watched that from the television truck.”Arum attributes his success to Brown, who introduced him to Muhammad Ali, who taught him how to manage a boxing promotion.

Arum was appointed vice president and secretary of Ali’s promotion firm, Main Bout. Mike Malitz, Lester’s son, and Arum both owned 20% of the company and became vice president. Jim Brown was the corporation’s vice president in charge of publicity and controlled 10% of the company.

Arum was a driving force behind the sport in the 1980s, rivaling Don King. Arum promoted megafights such as Marvin Hagler vs. Roberto Durán and Hagler vs. Thomas Hearns.

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Bob Arum and Lovee Duboef married in 1991. Arum has had two marriages. With his first wife, he had three children: Elizabeth Arum, Richard Arum, and John Arum. He married Lovee duBoef in 1991, and they have two stepchildren: Dena duBoef, Vice President of Top Rank, and Todd duBoef, President of Top Rank.

Love Duboef considers Bob Arum and his two stepchildren, Todd and Dena duBoef, to be his family. Bob Arum and Lovee Duboef are the parents of five children.

Unfortunately, his son, environmental lawyer John Arum (1961-2010), died in 2010 while climbing Storm King, a peak in North Cascades National Park; he is best remembered for his thorough defense of Native American tribal rights.

Richard Arum is a sociologist of education and stratification best known for his research on student learning, school discipline, racism, and inequality in K-12 and higher education.

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Net worth

There isn’t much information regarding Elizabeth Arum’s net worth because she doesn’t reveal it. However, her father, Bob Arums has a net worth of $300 million in 2021.

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