Rosemeri Dos Reis Cholbi: Who is Pelé’s first wife?

Rosemeri dos Reis cholbi

Who is Rosemeri Dos Reis Cholbi?

Rosemeri Dos Reis Cholbi is the first wife of Edson Arantes do Nascimento, better known as Pelé. Rosemeri husband, Pelé is a former Brazilian professional football striker. He was one of the most successful and popular sports stars of the 20th century, regarded as one of the best players of all time, and dubbed “the greatest” by FIFA.

Rosemeri Dos Reis Cholbi: Bio Summary

Full nameRosemeri Dos Reis Cholbi
Date of birthN/A
Place of birthN/A
Famous as Pelé’s first wife
Spouse Pelé (m. 1966–1982)
Children’sEdinho, Kelly Cristina Nascimento, Jennifer Nascimento


Rosemeri Dos Reis Cholbi become famous by being the first wife of Edson Arantes do Nascimento, also known as Pelé a former Brazilian professional footballer who played forward. They tied the knot in 1966 and they had three children together: Edinho, Kelly, Jennifer Nascimento. The couple got divoced in 1982 after 14 years of being together. There is not much information concerning her childhood life and her family background.

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Meet Pelé and Rosemeri children

Rosemeri Dos Reis Cholbi and Pele had three children, named: Edinho, Kelly Cristina Nascimento, and Jennifer Nascimento.

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Bio of Rosemeri Dos Reis Cholbi and Pelé’s relationship

Pelé first fell in love with Rosemeri Dos Reis Cholbi, While living in Brazil, and they married in 1966. They were blessed with three children. The couple welcomed their first child, Kelly Cristina. Edson, their second child was born in 1970. In 1975, the couple moved to the United States and resided in New York City. Pelé and Rosemeri split up at that moment, though they would reunite on occasion over the next few years. They welcomed their third and final child, Jennifer in 1978.

Pelé’s infidelity was ultimately what kept the pair apart. He had another child outside of their marriage. He married Lenita Kurtz, and they had a daughter, Flávia Kurtz, in 1968. Though he did not immediately acknowledge her, he later changed his mind.

Pelé was linked to Xuxa Meneghel, a teenage television presenter, throughout the 1980s. When they started involved, Meneghel was 17 and he was 41. They were dating during his divorce from Rosemeri, but they ended their relationship permanently in 1986.

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Pele has controversies

Pelé had a contentious relationship before he married. He had a romance with a maid named Anizia Machado in 1964. He denied the affair for decades when Anizia accused him of fathering Sandra Regina Machado, her child. As she got older, Sandra faced a long legal battle to be acknowledged as his daughter.

She sued him in 1991 and was discovered to be his daughter through DNA testing, which he refused to recognize until 1998. She was never compensated for growing up without the benefits that his other six children enjoyed. Sandra died in October 2006 without being compensated.

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Assíria Nascimento and Pelé’s relationship (second wife)

Assíria Nascimento is Pelé’s second wife. The couple married on 30 May 1994. After two years of marriage they were blessed with twins: Joshua(son) and Celeste(daugther) who are born on September 28, 1996. Pelé tried to marriage again in 1994 when he married psychologist and gospel singer Assyria Nascimento. The soccer star’s first marriage taught him a valuable lesson, as there was no known infidelity during his marriage to Assíria. Eventually Assíria and Pelé got divorced in 2008.

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know more about Pelé and Marcia’s relationship

Pelé’s wife, Marcia Aoki, has been by his side for almost a decade. In the 1980s, Pelé’s and, Marcia initially met at a party in New York City. Despite knowing each other, they just started dating after meeting by happenstance in an elevator in Sao Paulo in 2010.

Marcia and Pelé married in July 2016 in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Marcia was married for the second time, while Pelé was married for the third time after cheating on his first two marriages.

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What does Marcia do for a living?

Marcia was born in Brazil to Paulo and Isaura Aoki, who raised her and her brother Carlos in their Japanese background. She aspired to be an entrepreneur like her parents did as a child, and she was successful. Marcia now owns a medical supply import company.

Marcia, while being a wealthy businesswoman in her own right, faced criticism when she and Pelé got acquainted. Because of their age difference, people suspected one or both of them had hidden intentions for the marriage. Pelé is 26 years younger than Marcia.

What is Rosemeri Dos Reis Cholbi net worth?

Rosemeri’s net worth is unknown, although her husband, Pele, is reported to be worth about $100 million.

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