Who is Anna De Bruyne, Kevin De Bruyne’s mother?

Anna De Bruyne

Who is Anna De Bruyne?

Anna De Bruyne is famously known as the mother of Kevin De Bruyne, a professional footballer currently playing as a midfielder for Manchester City in the English Premier League. Anna De Bruyne is a petroleum engineer by profession. 

She took over her father’s oil companies in Ivory Coast(West Africa) and Burundi(East Africa), and she is currently managing the company.

Anna De Bruyne: Bio Summary

Full name Anna De Bruyne
Date of birthUnknown
Place of birth Burundi
SpouseHerwig De Bruyne
NationalityUnited Kingdom 
Professionpetroleum engineer
Children Kevin De Bruyne and Stefanie De Bruyne.
Grandchildren Rome De Bruyne, Suri De Bruyne and  Mason Milian De Bruyne
Marital statusMarried

Biography of Anna De Bruyne

Anna De Bruyne is famously known as the beautiful mother of  Kevin De Bruyne, a professional footballer currently playing as a midfielder for Manchester City club in the English Premier League.

Anna De Bruyne originated from the United Kingdom but was born in Burundi, East Africa, where her father’s oil company is situated. She spent most of her growing-up years in Burundi, the East African landlocked country

She took over her father’s oil companies in Ivory Coast (West Africa)and Burundi(East Africa), Where She is currently working as a petroleum engineering professional in her father’s company. 

Anna De Bruyne was brought up in Burundi, an East African landlocked country before moving to Belgium where she met her lover, Kevin’s father, Herwig De Bruyne Snr., and fell in love with him.

Her parents live in the London Borough of Ealing, where Kevin De Bruyne normally celebrates his Christmas holidays with his mother. Anna De Bruyne always keeps supporting her son’s football career. Her husband, Herwig De Bruyne Snr. also gives full support and protection to his son’s career.

Summary of her marriage

Anna meets her lover, Kevin’s father, Herwig De Bruyne Snr. after she moves to Belgium and falls in love with him. Anna gave birth to her first son(Kevin) at the age of 18. This explains why she still looks very young.

Anna and her husband (Herwig De Bruyne Snr) are blessed with two children, Kevin(Son) and Stefanie De Bruyne(daughter). The couple welcomed their first child Kevin De Bruyne on  June 28, 1991, in Drongen, Belgium.

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Her husband has always supported Kevin  

His father Herwig is a businessman and normally manages his son’s football career. Herwig De Bruyne Snr is a businessman and intensive negotiator who has successfully had a great plan for his son’s career which helped him to get more sponsorship deals.

Herwig also fully supports and protects his son’s career and he is fully ready to criticize anyone who attacks his son’s football career. He threw a warning when Jose Mourinho criticized his son Kevin

Bio of her daughter Stefanie De Bruyne

Kevin also has a sibling named Stefanie De Bruyne. Stefanie De Bruyne resembles her mother while her brother resembles their father.

Who is Kevin De Bruyne?

Kevin De Bruyne was born on June 28, 1991, to the family of Herwig De Bruyne and Anna De Bruyne in Dronen, Belgium. His father is an authentic Belgian and his mother is from the United Kingdom. Early on, everyone saw De Bruyne as a gifted and special child, one destined to be great in life.

De Bruyne spent all his childhood life in England, where his mum’s family resided, and later moved between Belgium and Africa. Kevin’s family also used to visit Africa where his grandfather settled his oil companies. Kevin’s grandfather, from his mother’s side, is a great oil investor in Africa.

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Summary of Kevin’s football career

Kevin De Bruyne started his football career at the early age of 4, in his hometown Gent, where he stayed with his parent. Kevin moved from his village of Dragon outside Ghent at the age of 14, this was the first time he had moved from his hometown, There he joined Genk’s academy club. This is the period he learned how to stay independent and only pay visits to his family who cared for him at weekends.

Kevin became one of the center attractions from his early age when he started playing football at age 4. He impressed his club, Gent, which helped him with a single debut at 17 in 2008-2009 when he became independent at 14.

He progressed fast and became one of the country’s best youth footballers. Every youth club wanted him as a prayer.

Kevin’s salary wasn’t enough but he made good management of it. According to Kevin. ” my parents taught me how to manage myself. I am not a person who likes to spend a lot of money in my life”.

He joined the English club Chelsea, in 2012, where he was used sparingly and he was loaned to Werder Bremen.

De Bruyne joined the Manchester City club in the summer of 2015, Winning four Premier League titles, five League Cups, and an FA Cup with his club. He has a significant role in Manchester City’s record in becoming the only Premier League team to attain 100 points in a single season in 2017 -2018. Kevin set the record for most assists in a Premier League season  in 2019–20, and He was awarded the  Player of the Season

Summary of Kevin De Bruyne’s relationship

Kevin and Michele Lacroix started dating in 2014. Kevin has been always happy ever since his relationship with Michele started. Michele is someone who has helped him to achieve the career he’s always dreamt of. Kevin never hid to display the love he has for her publicly.

Kevin and Michele Lacroix finally tied the knot to be their soul mate in 2017. Kevin and Michele Lacroix’s wedding took place in Sorrento, which was a three-day event from the 25th to the 27th of June.

The couple have been blessed with a son named Mason Milian De Bruyne before their marriage. The couple welcomed their second son Rome on 31st October 2018, two years after their first son.

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