Alex Best; Claims she is haunted by George Best’s ghost

Alex Best


Alex Best, 49, who was married to the former Manchester United footballer for nine years before they divorced in 2004, claimed that she is still visited by the soccer icon since his death 16 years ago

Alex Best: Bio summary

Full nameAlex Best
Date of birthJanuary 29, 1972
Age 50 years old
Place of birthLeicestershire, United Kingdom
SpouseGeorge Best (m. 1995–2004)
Profession Model
FamousThe wife of George Best
Height1.7 m
InstagramAlex Best(@ bestie1972)
TwitterAlex Best (@AlexandraBestx)

Know more about Alex Best and her late husband

Alex Best claims that ever since she moved into her 200-year-old Surrey home in 2014, the spirit of her former husband—a Manchester United legend—has been following her.

She claims that among the weird happenings at her Surrey house are lights that flicker on and off, a TV that turns on out of nowhere, and objects that disappear only to crop up again months later.

After the team showed Alex the security video of her bookshelf, in which the footballer’s official biography is shown shooting forward about six inches from the rear of a shelf, apparently all by itself, Alex was largely convinced that “George’s soul” had visited her.

She recounts that the football player’s funeral on December 3, 2005, following his passing at the age of 59, was when she had her first peculiar encounter. He has battled alcoholism for many years.

Alex Best was staying in a hotel in Belfast on the day of George’s funeral when the shower switched on by itself as she was leaving.

Alex, who is visibly astonished after viewing the video of the moving book, responds, “I don’t think that’s a coincidence.” There are so many books on that shelf that I own. I have books on movies, artifacts, and other autobiographies, but George’s was the one that immediately stood out.

“That instant made me believe he might have been one of the spirits… That would be typical of George’s behavior. She claims she is not surprised that her ex-husband’s spirit allegedly made his entrance in this manner when questioned about it.

She calls him a “cheeky monkey” and says that up until this point she had thought the spirit was a youngster because of the “mischievous” conduct she claims to have seen.

The Surrey village of Kingswood, which has a long history of paganism, is widely renowned for its ritualistic practices.

As Alex says, her home has long been plagued by ghostly activity. She claims that “a ton of people have encountered paranormal activity in the residence.” I have a huge, incredibly hefty side cabinet. One morning when I awoke, it was literally in the center of the room.

The ghost who lurks in Alex’s house has a particular personality, according to her. “I think whoever is here is extremely mischievous; it almost feels like someone is messing with me,” the speaker says.

Alex, who still goes by the surname Best despite having the maiden name Pursey, had a two-year driving suspension for drunk driving three years ago after being pulled over three times over the legal limit.

She was driving a Mini Clubman when it collided with another vehicle in April 2019 on Waterhouse Lane, not far from her Kingswood, Surrey home.

Bio of her husband(George) death

George, a legend of Manchester United, passed away on November 25, 2005, in a hospital in London at the young age of 59 from organ failure brought on by years of alcohol consumption.

Best, who is regarded as one of the best players in football history, netted 178 goals for the Old Trafford team.

At the very young age of just 22, he has crowned the 1968 European and British Player of the Year.

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